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Fun Ways To Hygge This Summer

Have you ever found yourself at the beginning of the Summer making a list of everything you wanted to do only to get to the end of summer and realize you did none of those things on that list? I have definitely done that in the past. If that's the place you are finding yourself in right now there is still time to enjoy it by practicing Hygge! “Hygge is taking the time to slow down, enjoy simple things and feel cozy every day.”- The Hygge Planner. There is still time to enjoy your Summer by just slowing down and being intentional with our time.  Here are some fun Hygge activities to enjoy with your family this Summer!  Go for...

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Top 10 Mason Jar Gifts

As a little girl I can remember my grandmother and my great grandmother always keeping mason jars. Each of them had a special cabinet or place in their pantry where they would have tons of them. I always wondered why they wanted to keep so many and why they never wanted to just toss one in the garbage after using what came in it. Now that I’m older I know why those two precious women never wasted a mason jar. You can truly use a mason jar in so many different ways. One way that I’ve recently discovered is by packing an inexpensive but yet special gift inside for someone special. Below are my top 10 favorite mason jar gifts. ...

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Finding Peace in Motherhood by Practicing Self-Care

I recently read a quote that made so much sense, “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first!” Not meaning to, I sometimes place self-care at the bottom of my list and don’t take the time for it. Motherhood is such a blessing for me, and I am so incredibly honored to have been chosen to have two of the sweetest little boys. While it is a reward it can also be tiring and I often find myself empty because I have poured everything out for others.  One thing that quarantine showed me was that I desperately needed to start doing things for myself. I realized I didn’t need to pour everything I had out for...

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5 Ways to Hygge this Spring

Spring is arriving this week all while a global pandemic is striking. One thing that this horrible Coronovirus has done is made us all slow down. It’s made us stop and appreciate the beautiful weather we are now having. It has made us take notice of how the flowers are beginning to bloom and how the trees are once again becoming green. “Hygge is slow and humble” and if there is one thing that this pandemic has brought us to is slow and humble. So while so many bad things have happened, good things are coming and one of those things is Spring.  Here are some ways that you can hygge this Spring.  Deep cleaning and decluttering A clean and...

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