Fun Ways To Hygge This Summer

Have you ever found yourself at the beginning of the Summer making a list of everything you wanted to do only to get to the end of summer and realize you did none of those things on that list? I have definitely done that in the past. If that's the place you are finding yourself in right now there is still time to enjoy it by practicing Hygge! “Hygge is taking the time to slow down, enjoy simple things and feel cozy every day.”- The Hygge Planner. There is still time to enjoy your Summer by just slowing down and being intentional with our time. 

Here are some fun Hygge activities to enjoy with your family this Summer! 

Go for a family bike ride. 

Take a nice family stroll around your neighborhood together. This is such a good “unplugged” activity to do as a family. Going for a bike ride as a family will also add in some great exercise! 

Drink fruity drinks with a friend. 

Invite a friend over to sit on the porch and drink fresh fruit-filled drinks! You can still social distance and you get to have some girl time all while drinking awesome drinks! Click here for an amazing homemade strawberry lemonade recipe! 

Put up a Slip & Slide in the backyard. 

I believe slip & slides bring out the inner child in us all! On a hot Summer day, this will be a perfect way to cool down and enjoy the sunshine! 


I can remember doing this once as a family when I was a little girl. We all piled into the truck beds of my uncle and cousin's trucks and watched the stars together. It was so much fun and I have such special memories of it. 

Go on a road trip. 

Pack a cooler, load the family up, and hit the road! You don’t even have to go very far. One of our favorite activities to do is to take road trips as a family to visit the nearby Amish community. 


Kayaking is such a way to calm your mind. Being out on the peaceful lake can make you forget about all of the busy schedules that are a part of everyday life and help you to relax. Your kids will also love this as well! 

Have a bonfire. 

This is one of my favorite things to do as a family! My kids love roasting marshmallows and hotdogs over a bonfire, especially when we are camping! This is such a fun activity and is so simple to do. 

There are so many different activities you can do to add Hygge into the rest of your Summer and enjoy it! While Fall is around the corner, Summer isn't over just yet and you have plenty of time to still enjoy it!