Top 10 Mason Jar Gifts

As a little girl I can remember my grandmother and my great grandmother always keeping mason jars. Each of them had a special cabinet or place in their pantry where they would have tons of them. I always wondered why they wanted to keep so many and why they never wanted to just toss one in the garbage after using what came in it. Now that I’m older I know why those two precious women never wasted a mason jar. You can truly use a mason jar in so many different ways. One way that I’ve recently discovered is by packing an inexpensive but yet special gift inside for someone special. Below are my top 10 favorite mason jar gifts. 

  1. Spa Day Kit

Packaged inside is a razor, shaving cream, a face mask, and a bath bomb. 

Using the Hyggehaus Clear Sticker Paper I printed off a label and it is perfect for my friend who needs a little pick me up. 


     2. Bath Salt

If you have a friend or loved one who is currently battling a cold, this bath salt would be a perfect gift to drop off on their doorstep! Take ½ cup of baking soda and 1 cup of Epsom salt, pour them into a mason jar, and mix them together. Next, you will add 10 drops of eucalyptus oil and 5 drops of peppermint oil to the mixture then mix it all up. Tighten the lid on and it is ready to go!


     3. Meal in a Jar

While making dinner for your family make a little extra and sit aside! I chose Taco Salad to do this meal in a jar and it was so easy. I just added the ground beef that I had cooked in the taco mix, added lettuce on top, a layer of tomatoes, sour cream, cheese, and Frito chips to the very top. There are so many other meals you could do this with as well! 


     4. Fresh Flowers

No matter the occasion, a fresh bouquet of flowers placed in a mason jar is a thoughtful gift that you never go wrong with! 


     5. Spice Jars

Labeled Spice Jars make a perfect housewarming gift. It will give a head start to getting them organized in their pantry. While making a basket of dry goods to stock a friend's pantry take a few miniature mason jars, use the Hyggehaus label sheets, and add the spices! You could also do other jars with pasta noodles, coffee, beans, etc. 


     6. Teacher Gifts

With school about to start back, I wanted to do my husband who is a middle school teacher a little special gift that he could use throughout the year. So I packed him some sticky notes, mints, and of course hand sanitizer!  


      7. Positive Affirmation Jar

I loved this idea of writing down positive affirmations on small pieces of paper, rolling them up, and dropping in a mason jar to give as a gift to a friend. We all need positive words spoken into our lives from time to time and to be reminded of our good qualities. 


     8. Homemade Granola

This super simple gift is made by just mixing granola, cut up bananas, and crushed pecans. Tie a ribbon around the top of the jar or just give the jar plain. It will make a lovely gift! 


     9. Cherry Cheesecake in a Jar 

Using this Cherry Cheesecake Recipe it makes the most delicious small gifts to give to just about anyone! This recipe makes several so be sure to save one for yourself! 


     10. Mommy Survival Kit


Any new momma, no matter how many kids she has had in the past, could use a mommy survival kit! This was packaged with dry shampoo, Tylenol, lotion, and some wet towelettes. 

We would love to see your DIY Mason Jar Gifts and to hear ideas of what you would pack inside! Tag us using the #hyggehauslife