Bringing Hygge Into Your Home By Decluttering


According to recent studies, the people from Denmark and the Danish people are one of the happiest groups of  people in the world. Why you may ask? They have brought hygge into their daily lives and homes. Here are some ways you can start bringing hygge into your home. 
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Danish design is all about streamlined minimalism. By living a Hygge existence, you must take spring cleaning seriously. Living in a clutter free home is the perfect way to enjoy being at home surrounded by a peaceful clutter free environment. 
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If you are like me having toys from one end of your house to the other brings on stress and a little anxiety. Legos, dinosaurs, and stuffed animals everywhere will do that to a person. Providing ways to help your kids stay organized will greatly help with this. 

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Another way to keep your home nice and clutter free is by keeping everything nice and organized in closets. When a blanket or article of clothing gets to be too worn, toss it out and only keep the ones you will be using. 

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Labels are a great way to keep things separated and tidy. They can be used in the pantry for drawers, the office for supplies, and so many other places throughout your home. 

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Living hygge is writing out schedules for the week to make sure everything will flow smoothly. It is taking the time to organize your days and plan so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Overall, a hygge lifestyle is very much like the Marie Kondo concept of only being around things that bring you joy. Start developing developing the mindset today of asking yourself if you are continent with the things around you. Does it bring you joy? This will help you develop a hygge lifestyle and bring happiness into your life! 
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