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Working from home ... setting up a Hygge inspired office

Have you recently found yourself working from home and find yourself easily distracted and not able to concentrate? Maybe you have been working from home for a while, but have been wanting to cozy your office up? If so, these tips will help make your office a hygge sanctuary where you can get work done all while in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.

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How to Celebrate Easter during Quarantine

As we approach our first ever quarantine Easter holiday I can’t help but be sad that most of our regular traditions we will not be able to do......... Despite all of the traditions we will be missing out on I am determined to make this one of the most memorable Easters ever for my kids. 

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Australian Bush Fires - how we can help

The Animal Rescue Crafters Guild has been calling out for pouches and wraps for the animals they rescue - never before has there been a time when they have needed so many..... We set to work to make Kangaroo Joey pouches which will be distributed where needed.  With 3 kids ages 4,6 and 8 we have already completed 3 joey pouches with some 3D hanging pouches on their way from Grandma. #hyggehauslife #hyggehausgiving

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