Australian Bush Fires - how we can help


It is absolutely devastating what is going on in Australia with the Bush fires, both on human life and the millions of animals who live there.  The way the world has come together to support the victims of this disaster has been amazing.  There are currently over 100 fires still burning in New South Wales and already so many hectars of bushland and national parks have been destroyed.  

Sadly many of the animals have been lost, but there are thousands that are injured or have lost a parent.  The Wildlife rescue organization, WIRES have been working tirelessly to save as many of these animals as possible.

The Animal Rescue Crafters Guild has been calling out for pouches and wraps for the animals they rescue - never before has there been a time when they have needed so many.  As we are still on school break, we decided that it was a perfect activity that we could do to help with the effort (they aren't something that can be bought from a store).  We set to work to make Kangaroo Joey pouches which will be distributed where needed.  With 3 kids ages 4,6 and 8 we have already completed 3 joey pouches with some 3D hanging pouches on their way from Grandma.

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If you are interested in helping these are the patterns that have been approved by the Animal Rescue Collective Crafters Guild.

kangaroo joey pouch medium, australian bush fire, hyggehaus help

High Need Patterns


what we need the most, joey pouches, hanging pouches, kangaroo pouches, bird nests, flat bat wraps, 3D hanging pouches, animal beds


Thank you for your contributions! Head on over to the Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild to find out where to send your items.  They also have a facebook group can join to ask any questions