Working from home ... setting up a Hygge inspired office

Have you recently found yourself working from home and find yourself easily distracted and not able to concentrate? Maybe you have been working from home for a while, but have been wanting to cozy your office up? If so, these tips will help make your office a hygge sanctuary where you can get work done all while in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.

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The first thing you are going to need to do is to declutter and organize! If you are like me and have little ones you probably have several toys that have somehow made their way into your office. If possible, put those toys in another designated space for your little ones in your home. Next, organize all paper documents. I have found that keeping labeled folders for each area of my life helps keep me organized. For example bills, important documents, medical records, school sheets my littles have brought home, etc. all have their own file and are kept in a file cabinet. 

If you are going to paint remember to pick a color that will lighten up the room. If painting is not an option don’t ignore the walls altogether. Art that is meaningful and personal can be placed on the wall to help make it a room you love being in.  Lights should be warm with nothing too bright. I love using small lamps to go along with overhead lighting. Clear fairy lights would also help to bring warm lighting into an office space and make it feel cozy. 

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When furnishing the room try buying home furniture such as a couch or comfy chair to keep your space feeling comfortable. Then when you get tired of setting up in your office chair you can switch seats and get refocused. Add a warm fuzzy rug to the floor to keep your feet warm and a display shelf to display some of your favorite pottery pieces or artwork. Be careful to not overdo on pieces that you add to the shelving. 

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When choosing your desk remember to choose one that will not overpower your room. 
It’s important to remember to not over clutter your desk. You want to make sure to keep it clutter-free to feel cozy in your room. One thing I like to do is add a board I can leave reminders for myself and leave inspirational messages. 

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Last you’ll want to add fresh flowers, greenery, and candles to finish giving it that hygge feel! 

When working from home you can get a bit distracted and feel like it’s impossible to stay on task, but having a clutter-free and cozy office will help to keep you on task! Have you recently found yourself working from home and decided your office needed a hygge makeover? Let us know by using #hyggehauslife