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Family traditions and kids

  I had always had a feeling that Family Traditions were good for my kids – turns out I was right.. Christmas is coming and the Children have already started making their list for Santa.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants Christmas to be about so much more.  I always had a feeling that family traditions and rituals were good for kids – it turns out I was right. Over the last 50 years, researchers have found that not only do traditions and rituals make us feel good, they also make our families happier, healthier and smarter. This isn’t just confirmed to events and celebrations, but every day life.  For example, Children who are read to every...

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Red and White

  Red and White decorations at Christmas Time really makes me feel like Christmas has arrived. With Christmas icons of holly berries, Candy Canes and of course Santa himself donning this festive colour, it is no surprise that this classic colour scheme is popular. With geometric designs and reindeer silhouettes, as well as the traditional candy strips, spots and stars, the HYGGEHAUS advent calendar will bring together all the elements you need to start your Christmas decoration theme and create a memorable tradition in your home that can last year after year.

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How it all began...

  I grew up in the UK and moved to Sydney after I met my (now) husband - he brought me back for a "visit" and I never went back. We now have a hectic (happy) house with a 3yo, 4yo and 7yo. Australia is my home now, but with Christmas around the corner, it reminds me of how wonderful it was growing up in England with all my family around me and the traditions we grew up with - real Christmas trees, making gingerbread, mulled wine, stockings on the fireplace, walking to church in the freezing cold on Christmas Eve - it really was a magical time. Christmas is different now (more like 40 degrees than -4), but I...

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