5 Creative Labeling Ideas for Organzing your Life!

The NEW HYGGEHAUS Clear Sticker Paper sheets are here.  A perfect supplement for the Hyggehaus Wooden Storage Organizers but also perfect for so many other labeling projects at home, school or in the office.

1) As the beginning of the school year approaches, there will be lunch boxes, pencil cases, stationary, notebooks and everything else that needs labeled to prevent them falling into the abyss of lost property.

2) Nothing is more satisfying than a pantry clean out making pantry labeling for jars, containers and bottles a must!

3) In the office there are endless ways of organizing the supply cupboard, post cubby and desk.  

4) Why not bring joy to those you love by creating your own personalized gifts.  Ideal for holidays, birthdays, mother's day, father's day and almost any other celebration or party.  

5) Scrapbooking is such a great way of bringing together photos and memories from throughout the year.  Creating your own labels will make the pages pop with personality.

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