Journey to Motherhood

From the time that I was a little girl my only desire was to be a mother. A lot of women dream of becoming famous, rich, or having successful careers but I dreamed that I would be a mom. 

When becoming a mother didn’t come easy, I was faced with a lot of heartache. Knowing that all my heart desired was to raise children I felt so defeated. I would dread every Mother’s Day at church. Then one Mother’s Day a little lady approached me and told me that when they announced for the mothers to stand up for me to stand as well. She proceeded to tell me I was a mother even if I didn’t have children of my own yet. She explained that I had a mother’s heart and mothered those around me. 

It was at that moment I realized motherhood doesn’t look the same for everyone. Some women have multiple children biologically. Some women, like I went on to do years later, adopt their children. Some women have cute furry pet babies. Then some women are aunts who raise or help raise nieces/nephews. 

Each journey to motherhood is different. Yet mother hood itself is beautiful no matter that journey. It is hard at times. Sometimes you want to cry because of everything that needs to be done. Sometimes you have to cover your laughter while getting on to your children because what they did was actually kind of funny. Then sometimes you just sit there and stare at them without saying a word with your heart full of gratitude. 

This Mother’s Day no matter where you are on or in your journey to motherhood, I hope you know that you are an irreplaceable momma! You are incredible and will/are raising amazing humans! 

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