Flower Press Tutorial

You belong among the wildflowers...... Imagination and creation are what we love best, and hopefully our flower pressing ideas inspire your inner creativity.


If you can't see the video or want more details, follow these simple steps:

1) Pick your flowers.  Small, flat flowers work best, larger flowers and flowers that have a bulbous base will take a bit more practice.  

2) Prepare your flowers by removing any unwanted leaves or stems

3) Assemble your flower press by putting the bolts through both pieces of wood  from the bottom (with the paper/ card sandwiched between). N.B. the pre-drilled holes can be quite tight, so if they are get a screwdriver to twist the bolts through the wood.  You can use a hammer, but there is more risk of the wood splitting).

3)  Once you have constructed the press fully, take the top piece of wood off the press as well as the brown card/ white blotting paper.  

4) Place a 2 or 3 of pieces of card as the first few layers on top of the bottom piece of wood, making sure you line it up so that the holes in the corner are visible.

5) Next, place down the absorbant white paper and position your flowers carefully on top of it leaving enough room around each flower that they don't overlap.

6) Place another piece of absorbant white paper on top of the flowers and the remaining brown card pieces.  You are able to press multiple layers of flowers by following format.


Flower press layers - wood, card, card, absorbant paper, flowers, abosorbant paper, card, card, Wood


7) Once you have the format you want, tighten the press back up with the wingnuts.

8) Store in a dry place for a minimum of a few days



For a great gift idea, customize the flower press wooden top with our customizable templates from Canva.  They are all set up ready to go, so all you need to do is change the name and download.  If you have any questions, please let us know.