“Yes! Decorating for Christmas Early is Actually Good for You!”

My family and I love to decorate for Christmas. We are actually even referred to as the Griswolds from time to time in our small town. Every Christmas my husband decorates the outside of our home and you can see our lights shining bright from a good piece away. On the inside of our home there are traditional Christmas items, memories from our childhoods hanging on the tree, keepsakes of things we’ve made and are making with our children, a Christmas tree in almost every room, and the smell of pine lingering in the air. Once all of the decorations are up, sitting down with our children with only the tree lights on and a few candles lit is the most peaceful moments we have all year. It is in those moments that we are reminded of the beautiful lives we have been blessed with and nothing stressful seems to matter. 

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Christmas itself doesn’t make people stressed. It is the busyness and the chaos of trying to fit everything into a time frame of just three to four weeks that stresses people. So why not decorate early? Why not have those calm nights by the lit tree a few weeks longer? 

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When we decorate early we are able to see the sweet smiles on the faces of our children longer. We are also able to take our time and go at a slower pace so we can involve our children in the decorating. We can then actually take the time to make gingerbread houses, homemade ornaments, potpourri, popcorn garland, and do advent calendars when we simply start earlier and go a little slower. 
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In the book titled “The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living” it states, “There is an element of being present in those moments. Hygge is charged with a strong orientation and commitment toward experiencing and savoring the present moment.” By decorating early you are able to slow down and enjoy what Christmas is truly all about which is to bring families together, to enjoy one another’s company, and to live happily in the present moment together. 

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We want to hear from you! When do you put your tree up?

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