Top 10 Non-Electronic Gifts for Kids

As Christmas is drawing near I am beginning to think more about what I will get my little ones for Christmas. This year I am planning to focus more on non-electronic gifts in hopes to get them out from behind screens. I am so thankful for electronics, but I always want to provide them with gifts to help them grow and be well rounded. 

Hyggehaus Top 10 Non-Electronic Gifts

Lego Classic Brick Set

Legos is such a classic toy that kids have been playing with for years. Both genders of kids love to play with them and they help with kids' imaginations. 

Hyggehaus Rustic Organizer

This organizer is perfect to gift for a lego storage holder or for a jewelry box for a girl of any age. Organize hair accessories, make up, legos, small toys, etc. this gift will be loved by all! 

Connect 4

Connect 4 will encourage counting and strategy skills in young children. It will be a perfect gift that you and your child can enjoy on family game night! 

Kids Telescope

Let your child get a hands on astronomy lesson at home by looking at the stars and moon with a new telescope. 

Kitchen Set

If your kids are like mine, there is something that draws them to my pots and pans in the kitchen. By gifting them a kitchen set they will be able to use their imaginations and "cook" all in their very own kitchen. 


Instrument - Guitar

Although it may make your home a little more noisey, your child learning to play an instrument will help grow them so much in so many different areas. You never know, this gift may go on to giving your child a passion for music. 


Biking is great exercise and this gift will encourage outside play. Fresh air and exercise will be great for any age child. 

Books - Hungry Caterpillar

Encourage your child to read and give them a few books this year. If you have a small child and do not own “Hungry Caterpillar” I highly recommend it! 

Art Easel 

Gifting your child an art easel will benefit their education and they will love drawing and painting you beautiful pictures on their new easel! 


Recently we bought our oldest son (age 7) this AirFort and he loves it! He uses his imagination while playing and loves to camp in the living room in it. The best part about this gift is when they are finished playing with it you can store this very easily and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. 

Gifting your children with non-electronic gifts will encourage your child’s imagination, motor skills, and education. Extra bonus, it will not matter if you forget to purchase batteries! ;) 

What are some non-electronic gifts you plan to purchase this Christmas for your children? We would love to hear your ideas! Use #hyggehauslife and let us know! 

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