Top 10 Advent Calendars of 2019

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This year my husband and I have decided to start a new tradition with our children by doing a Christmas Advent Calendar. Our family loves Christmas and the thought of getting to celebrate the whole month instead of just a couple of days has us so excited. While we do love Elf on the Shelf, an advent calendar is a classic tradition that we want to have our kids experience. Upon deciding for us to do this new tradition I began searching for the perfect one for our family. 

The Best Christmas Advent Calendars for 2019: 

Hyggehaus Red and White Advent Calendar
The Hyggehaus red and white wooden advent calendar was my favorite advent I found and is the one my family has decided to use. This calendar allows you to add your own gifts, slips of paper for activities or acts of kindness, or candy. 
Pros: This advent is made of wood making it last for years to come.
The drawers are big enough to add gifts bigger than other calendars so this will be easy to accommodate for any age.
The design is beautiful and is a nice decoration.  
Cons: The price is a little more expensive; however, this will not need to be replaced for a long time making it well worth the extra money. 

Aytai Felt Christmas Tree Advent
This felt advent calendar is a hanging decoration that can hang on a door or the wall. It has a Christmas tree design on it and comes with enough ornaments to pack inside the pockets for each day for your children to add a new ornament to. 
Pros: It would be perfect for small children.
This advent hangs on the wall and doesn’t take up much space. 
Cons: It comes with only ornaments so it may not be as fun to do the exact same ones every year. 

Wooden Gingerbread House Advent
Three-dimensional gingerbread house advent calendar comes decorated with candy canes, gingerbread, gumdrops, and more. The wooden gingerbread house has is an iconic look that would add to your Christmas decorations. 
Pros: It is made of wood, making it more durable. 
The drawers are interchangeable. 
Cons: The drawers are all small and you won’t be able to put much more than a hershey kiss inside each one. 

Hyggehaus Purple and Silver Advent Calendar
The NEW Hyggehaus purple and silver advent is a unique design that any young girl, teenager, or woman would love. It is perfect to fill with beauty products, make up, or other small gifts. 
Pros: The purple and silver advent calendar is beautiful and will add color to any room. 
The wooden drawers are big enough to fit items that wouldn’t fit in other calendars. 
Cons: Due to it being new, it hasn’t received any reviews yet. 

Merry Christmas Advent Buckets Wall Calendar
This advent is a perfect addition if you have a farm house theme in your home. The attached galvanized buckets are perfect to put treats in. 
Pros: This advent will hang on your wall. 
The farmhouse style is very popular right now. 
Cons: Currently this company is out of stock, so they may not have any more stock for this season. 

Poker Weight Christmas Tree Advent
Uniquely designed, this advent calendar is six sided with triangular shaped drawers making it a great centerpiece! 
Pros: You can customize it and fill the drawers with what you’d like. 
It is a unique and different design.  
Cons: It is made of MDF Particle Board
There hasn't been a review posted from a customer, leaving me a bit unsure of the quality. 

LEGO City Advent Calendar
With the 234 piece LEGO City Advent Calendar each day your child will open up a new LEGO figure to put together. On average each day the buildable set comes with about 10 pieces. 
Pros: The new LEGO piece each day is a fun treat for kids. 
Its a great alternative to candy. 
Cons: This is a one time use advent. 

Wooden Santa Sleigh Advent
This beautiful wooden santa sleigh advent lights up with LED lights. It is handmade out of birchwood and hand painted with acrylic paint and was one of my favorite designs. 
Pros: The design has a lot of details to it. 
It can be used for several years. 
Cons: It is the most expensive advent with a price of $120. 

Alberts Advent Calendar Candy
With a classic design, this advent will bring back memories from your childhood with a piece of candy for each day. 
Pros: It is a cheaper advent. 
It has a classic design that reminds me of my childhood. 
Cons: In most of the reviews from previous customers they state that the candy isn’t very good. 
You have to buy a new one each year. 

Dr. Seuss Advent Calendar
If you love the classic The Grinch you will love this! It is a quilted wall hanger made of cotton fabric that is made to last. 
Pros: It has 3x3 pockets that you can put treats, activities, or toys in. 
All ages are sure to love this popular character advent and it even comes with a stuffed Grinch toy. 
Cons: It is handmade with only one currently in stock so if you want this one - be quick!

No matter which calendar you choose, no matter how you decide to fill it, adding an advent calendar to your family’s Christmas is sure to be fun for all ages! 

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