Love makes a family ... bringing families together in adoption

When my husband and I got married we knew right away we wanted children. In our minds we thought we would have a couple biologically then adopt. We had no idea the joy that would soon be brought into our lives once our hearts changed and we stopped trying to control the timeline of our family. 

My husband went into ministry around the second year of our marriage. He became a youth minister at our church and that’s where our hearts began changing. After a couple of years of growing relationships with the kids and families in our church, one Sunday a lady approached me and asked if something were to happen to her if we would take care of her little girl. Of course I had no hesitations and immediately we told her yes! It was then I began thinking, the kids in our ministry was like our own kids. We loved them and even though we didn’t share the same DNA it didn’t matter to me. We then knew without a doubt we were called to adopt and the time was right then. 

After researching and calling agencies and researching again eventually #adoption led us to the adoption consultants we would work with. We immediately got in all of the necessary paperwork and began our home study. After a couple months when our home study was finished within one day we were chosen by a birth mom and was matched to adopt a baby boy. All of the research had said it would be months, possibly years of waiting but it didn’t. It was days. From the moment we got the call that we had been chosen we had 3 days to drive 2400 miles to our baby that would be born that Thursday. While driving through the Wyoming mountains our Noah was born! We couldn’t get there fast enough. The moment they placed him in my arms all was right and I knew this little boy was meant to be mine from the beginning. 

Our little Noah changed our lives and brought so much joy to our hearts. 

When Noah was about three he began asking for a baby. We knew we wanted to have more children, but again had tried controlling our own timeline. My husband and I are very open about adoption. We share the beauty of adoption with everyone. Because of that it was once again due to our ministry that we were led to another adoption. This time it would be through a local private adoption  and it would be another beautiful baby boy, Eli! 

Eli was born at 2 pounds and 2 ounces. Tiny and precious once again our hearts were filled with more joy and happiness. Eli spent 63 days in the NICU. Big brother Noah, his daddy, and I were so happy to get him home! 

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I can't imagine not having my boys and I am so thankful for the blessing of adoption. I have been told so many times that my boys were “blessed” to have us to take them and adopt them and everytime I hear that it makes me inwardly cringe. My husband and I are the blessed ones. We have been given the opportunity to have two amazing sons to call our own. “They may not have my eyes, they may not have my smile, but they have all my heart.”-unknown. 

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By Heather Taylor