Decorating Your Home For Fall


“Autumn leaves and pumpkins please!” Fall has finally arrived! One of my favorite things about Fall is the decor and getting into the Hygge season. The warm tones, the pumpkins, the candles that smell heavenly, and the beautiful mums in front of the houses all give such an inviting feel. It makes you want to sit down with a warm cup of coffee in front of a fireplace with a good book.

Each year when I begin gathering up my Fall decorations I love to first go to Walmart, Target, and the dollar stores to see what selections they have in stock. I can always find the cutest little hand towels, wooden or metal signs, and plastic pumpkins of all shapes/colors/sizes. You can use these plastic pumpkins for so many different things when decorating your home for Fall. They could be used to fill a vase, be a centerpiece for your table, or just sit them on a shelf.


I then head to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Joanns for my bigger pieces. If you don’t already have one of these tiered trays pictured below they are amazing. I love that you can use them for every season by just switching out the seasonal decor. For Fall, simply add little pumpkins, pine cones, and greenery to the top to make this a lovely decorated piece. This particular tray can be purchased at Hobby Lobby.


Another item that I always love to purchase at hobby stores for the Fall are wheat stocks. These are very inexpensive and can be used to add warm colors to a room.


One of the most beautiful things about Fall is the leaves and fallen pine cones.  Both of these can easily be repurposed for decor. For example, a basket of pine cones can be set out for display or paired with apples. I love this idea because my family can pick apples together and then use some of them as part of our decor.

To finish decorating the inside of my home for Fall, I then add candles. My favorite scents to add are pumpkin spice and apple pie. Candles make a home feel so much more welcoming. The light of the candle gives one a relaxed feeling and brings the smells of Fall right into your home. Throw a warm blanket over a chair and add some fresh cut seasonal flowers and you have set up a warm cozy environment.

We can’t forget about the outside decor. My family loves to go to the pumpkin patch every year.  There we buy pumpkins to carve and pumpkins for our outdoor display. I love to set up a big Fall display outside in front of my home. I usually search for local ads and find the best deals for mums and hay bales then add pumpkins and scarecrows to it to finish it off.

You can be as thrifty as you’d like or you can shop at all of the big department stores to decorate your home for Fall! Whatever you choose, you are setting up a welcoming environment for your family to come together and make new memories.

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