Back To School

Summer has officially flown by and now most mommas are looking at their schedules thinking “How am I going to do all of this?! There are not enough hours in the day” If you are like me, looking at the football schedules, the school schedules, work schedules, planning all of the meals, etc. can be a little overwhelming. Not to mention bedtime routines and homework. I caught myself the other day becoming so anxious wondering how I was going to do it all. I have now become determined to not let this busy life stress me out. 


Part of my determination to not let this busy season stress me out is by coming up with ways to make my life easier. To start with meals. I have decided at the start of each week I will plan out a list of everything I will cook for the week and base my grocery list off of it. I will make easy meals so I do not become overwhelmed with staying in the kitchen too long, and it will allow me to spend more time with my family. Here is one of the meals I will be adding to my rotation. 

In order for me not to be stressed in a busy season, organization is key for me. I have to stay on top of the laundry and the cleaning or I will add so much unnecessary stress to my life. I am constantly looking for ways I can declutter my house and place everything into its own spot. I have found that the Hyggehaus Storage Organizers has helped make this task so much easier. My little ones' Legos and small trinket toys no longer stress me out! My desk is more organized in my office and I have somewhere to neatly organize all of my oils. 

Routine is also what will keep me going and my stress level down. When I fall out of routine my life becomes chaotic. It seems as if it will take days for me to get back into routine. Especially if I get my kids off track. I have found sticking to a daily/weekly routine is what works best for my family. Our biggest part of our routine is making sure the kids are in bed early and waking up on time. I feel this is not only important for my kids but also for this momma’s sanity! ;) 

Sometimes as a momma I know looking at everything that needs to be done can be so overwhelming. When you feel that overwhelming feeling coming on, take a step back and breathe. Close your eyes and go to your quiet happy place and remember you are a super mom! Everything will get done and you are doing an amazing job!