10 Inexpensive Summer Activities For Kids

Summertime is officially here and now we have the whole summer to entertain our littles! If your kids are like mine, you probably hear the words “I’m bored” about a dozen times a day. While I don’t want to have to constantly feel like an entertainer, I do still want to keep my littles occupied and away from screens as much as possible. So we have come up with a list of activities to do at home this summer that won’t break the bank or require a lot of planning for mom! 

Indoor activities:

  • Bake homemade cookies or treats

Most kids love helping mom bake! Here is a good recipe to try this Summer to get the kids involved! 

  • Forts in the living room 

One of my favorite childhood memories and to this day my boys love doing this. Grab some blankets, pillows, and chairs and put one together super fast. 

  • Arts and crafts

Here is a fun craft that your littles will love! DIY Suncatchers will make a beautiful keepsake to hang on to over the years and your kids will enjoy crafting. 

  • Board games

Get out a few board games and have a family game night! 

  • Find your favorite book from your childhood for your children to read

I always try and help grow my children’s love for reading. I’ve decided this year I’m going to order my favorite book from my childhood, Corduroy, and let that be one of their books they read this summer. 


Outdoor activities:

  • Backyard slip and slides

Let the kids cool down from the heat with a slip and slide. You can purchase slip and slides fairly cheap or if you have a spare tarp at home you can also use that as a DIY slip and slide! Simply add some soap and water and your kids will have a blast! 

  • Water balloon fights

This is a favorite activity in my family. My boys love a good water balloon fight and it is fairly inexpensive. 

  • Fire pit to roast marshmallows and hot dogs

Grab some wood and roasting sticks and set up a fire pit in the backyard. Let the kids roast marshmallows and hot dogs. Bonus, you don’t have to dirty up the kitchen cooking supper for the night! Backyard bug hunts

I remember being a little girl and I loved looking for bugs. My mom would give me a jar and I would catch lightning bugs for hours in the evening or searching for worms and butterflies during the day. Such fun memories! 

  • Movie night- this could be outdoor or indoor

Using some pvc pipe, a white sheet, and a projector you can have a “night at the movies” at your house! Order pizza, pop some popcorn, and get all the snacks. This is a fun way to end the week and will give you some quiet time.  

What are some fun activities you have planned for your littles for the Summer? We would love to hear them as well as some of the memories you have growing up in the Summer! Tag us using #hyggehauslife and let us know!