Christmas Challenge 2020 - WEEK 3

Hi, Hannah

It is finally time to deck the halls. Let the decorating begin!

To begin your transition from Thanksgiving décor to Christmas décor start by making a schedule. In our family we always plan to begin transition on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
On that day or the next morning we have our children set up our family’s advent calendar.
While you are in the storage building/attic make sure to look through all of your décor and take notes so you will remember everything you have and where it is for the next Christmas season.  Use the Hyggehaus clear sticker pages to print labels for your decoration boxes. This will make it much easier when you are putting your decorations away.
Next, start planning where your decorations will go. Decide on what you want your theme/color scheme to be and what decorations you want to use. At this point you will want to start making a list of things you will need to purchase to add to your decorations or to replace older pieces that you wish to not use any longer.

Decorating tip: Take a box with a removable lid, gift wrap it, and then place it under your tree. Use it for extra bulbs, fuses, ornament hooks, and batteries.
Or maybe you would like to make some new decorations to complete your Christmas decorations.  If so we have some great tutorials on our YouTube page.
Don't forget to let the kids get in on the decorating! They will love getting to help dream up what your Christmas set up will be. I have heard from several people that this year that are buying an extra "fake" tree for their kids to decorate making the magic of Christmas even bigger in their home! I loved this ideas so much that I'm actually doing the same.  When the kids are finished decorating have them go into their rooms and go through their toys and books to set some aside to for charity. While you are gathering up things for charity, it would also be great to donate your Christmas decorations that you no longer use!
Be sure and take a break from decorating and do some shopping. Check the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales early and make a list so you won’t make any impulse buys. This is a great time to compare prices at different stores so you can get the best deal on all of your items.

Finish up the week by putting up your feet and relaxing by the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree with your family.  Turn on a Christmas movie and have a movie night. The Elf and The Grinch are family favorites in my home! What is your family’s favorite Christmas movie? We’d love to know so we can add it to our "Must Watch Christmas Movie" list!  While you watch the movie you can fill out your Holiday bucket List.
Which brings us to this weeks tasks. As always complete them at your leisure as long as they get done this week.  
1. Schedule time for decorating.
2. Take inventory of your décor and label boxes for next year.
3. Make a decorating plan.
4. Make DIY décor if needed.  
5. Shop for gifts that you still need
6. Round up items for charity
7. Plan for Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales
8. Fill out your bucket list and must watch movie list
9. Have a family movie night