Christmas Challenge 2020 - WEEK 2

Are you starting to get into the Christmas spirit yet? One thing that always puts me into the Christmas spirit is to start thinking about all of the traditions my family will do for the Christmas season. Another thing that always brings out the Christmas spirit in me is to pick out the perfect Christmas cards to mail/hand out to friends and family. Whether it be just a single card or a gift, giving is the most rewarding feeling during this time. 
What are some traditions that your family likes to do every Christmas season? I know Covid-19 will hinder a lot of our traditions, but there are still so many we can still do.

  • Advent- This past year my family started doing a Christmas Advent. My kids were so excited each morning to see what they would find in the drawer for that day. It may have been a piece of candy, a small toy, an activity we would do together as a family (bake cookies, watch a Christmas movie, etc.) or even a random act of kindness we would do for someone. If you don't have an advent check out the bottom of this email for a link to buy one before December gets here.

  • Stockings- Waking up on Christmas morning to see what was in my stocking was one of my favorite things to do. My mom would always fill mine with fruit, candy, a piece of jewelry, and other meaningful things that I loved.

  • Acts of Kindness- Christmas is my favorite time of the year, but for some it can be stressful, they could have had a loved one to pass, or in this years case some will be separated and not able to see their loved ones. By performing an act of kindess for someone you never know how much it can truly impact someone. Pay for the meal for the person behind you. Bake cookies and leave them on your neighbors doorstep. Your small act of kindness could truly make a difference in someone’s life.
  • Christmas Tree Farm- Go to a Christmas tree farm and cut down your family’s tree together. Then come home and decorate it together!

  • Elf on the Shelf- While yes, it can be a tad bit torturing to mom and dad remembering to move it each morning, this is such a fun thing to do with little children. Each morning will be a new shannangan that your child’s elf has gotten into and they will love it!

"It is better to give than to receive" is a quote that I truly understand each year. To me giving someone a gift is such a rewarding experience.
  • Prepare a list of all of those you wish to give a gift along with what you would like to purchase for them.
  • Don’t forget to check the house for gifts you purchased and put away earlier in the year.  
  • Buy extra! No matter how hard I try I always manage to forget someone so buying a few extra candles, box of chocolates, etc. helps me to not get in a situation where I don’t have a gift for someone.
  • If you are on a budget or if you love to bake, baking a cake or preparing a meal for someone is a very thoughtful gift!
  • For wrapping I always choose one style from Santa for each of my littles, one style from me, and then another style for everyone else. I find this helps me stay organized and not digging around for gifts under the tree.
  • Make an inventory of supplies you have or need for gift wrapping, crafting, mailing supplies.
Sending Christmas cards is a tradition that I love. I know it is easier to wish friends and family Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays on social media, but there are so many who truly love receiving your family’s Christmas card.

  • Start a list of friends and family you wish to send a card to.
  • Purchase your cards.
  • Address and send out your cards.

Tip: As you receive cards throughout the season be sure to save the return address label so you can make sure you have sent them a card and to do so in the seasons to come.
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Don't forget about your tasks for this week.  Complete them at your leisure as long as they get done this week.  
1. Start deep cleaning your home! This will allow you to enjoy your Christmas decorations so much more!
2. Begin addressing cards
3. Fill out this weeks lists
4. Check what supplies you have and buy items you need to make homemade gifts
5. Shop for gifts that you still need